Allsorts Holiday Club

  • Allsorts Christian Holiday Club is for children of primary school age
  • Registration in advance is essential
  • Monday 29th July – Friday 2nd August 2019
  • 9.30am – 12.30pm
  • FREE!

What happens at Allsorts?

The morning starts with songs containing lots of actions and jumping around to get us moving. We then split into three groups and take part in three activities in turn – games, teaching and craft. Our time closes with everyone together again with an opportunity to think about what has been made, played and taught throughout the morning. Parents are very welcome to join us from 12pm every day to see what we’ve been getting up to.

Points to be aware of

  • All children must be collected by a parent/guardian, unless we are specifically advised of an alternative arrangement
  • Spaces at Allsorts are limited so if, for any reason, you think your child may not be attending after all, we’d appreciate you letting us know so we can offer the space to someone else
  • Refreshments are provided
  • Photographs and video may be taken at Allsorts for our website and promotional material. If you would rather your child was not included, please let one of the leaders know

Registration Form

Registration is essential so please complete this form to register your child for Allsorts.

Child's name

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Important Note: As places are limited, please let us know if any of these days are no longer required so we can offer them to someone else.

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By submitting this form online, you are giving permission for your child to attend Allsorts 2019.

Data Protection (GDPR): Your details will be kept securely to help us run Allsorts. We never share your details with anyone else. We may contact you about Allsorts. Any emails sent will contain a clear 'unsubscribe' link (apart from the registration confirmation email which you'll receive once you submit this form).

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